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Search Engine Intelligence

SEI was a short lived professional newsletter targeted to SEO/SEM clients interested in understanding how search engine optimization actually worked. Newsletter was availble in PDF format, and 11×17 printed edition by mail in 2003. A dedicated website allowed for subscriptions and downloads.

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Download Aug/Sept. 2003 editiong via (PDF) SEI webpage record (July 2003) SEI webpage record (Jan. 2016)

*NOTE: Neotrope abandoned the website in 2016; any content after that point is not related to Neotrope Press in an way.


NU*REAL was a digital only publication, which lasted two issues during the nascent launch of the world wide web. It was originally offered in Common Ground Format and available for download via AOL groups, and Christopher Simmons’ personal AOL/sites web page, circa 1994. Later it was converted to PDF format once that became widely available.


Launched in 1987, “Galaxy Class” was a fanzine for the TV series STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. It was published for several years by Christopher Simmons, dba MINDSET PRESS (Mindset Press became Neotrope Press in 1997). A wide variety of editions were published. The first version os issue #1 contained a story that was removed/replaced in the second (better) printing of issue #1. Some editions had redon covers for second printing and were noted as such.

Arguably one of hte most popular ST:TNG fanzines published during the original series run, it can still be found widely on eBay. It has also been “bootleg” reprinted by ‘zine sellers at Star Trek conventions the past 25 years, and clearly lower quality versions.


A one off special edition of “mild erotic” stores set in the ST:TNG universe. Was featured in several mainstream entertainment magazines.

24th Century Technical Manual

This was a short lived, “recalled” special edition of technical materials sourced from various places, and elements provided by two friends of Christopher Simmons, who worked for one of the special effects contractors for the TV show. This publication was cancelled, recalled, and very few “legal” copies exist due to a cease and desist letter from Paramount. Most copies in the wild are bootleg reprints.

Tales of the Galactica (aka Adama Journal #11/12)

Kind of an oddball edition of The Adama Journal fanzine. Originally Christopher Simmons had “discontinued” TAJ with issue #10. Plans were made to “give away” the brand/title to another ‘zine publisher to continue on. Chris planned to retire from ‘zines to focus on music and playing in bands. However, that”hand off” of TAJ didn’t work out, so some of the collected material was used to create this publication. Issue #13 of The Adama Journal would follow as a fairly substantial deluxe printed edition as the actual final issue.


Launched in 1978, THE ADAMA JOURNAL was a fanzine focused on the ABC TV seriies, Battlestar Galactica. Originally launched by Christopher Simmons as a fan club, “Battlestar Galacticlub” the first several issues were in newsletter format of varying sizes, offset printed (not photo copied). The club idea was quickly abandoned, and the fanzine was published as saddle stitched 5.5.×8.5 inch editions. There were 13 issues (counting issues #11/12 being published in 8.5×11 newsprint format).Issue #13 was a thick, 8.5×11 saddled stitched publication. Contrary to some wikis out there, THE ADAMA JOURNAL was only ever published by S.U. Graphics (Silver Unicorn Graphics) and Christopher Simmons, and no other publisher, for the original 13 issues.

The Unicorn Hunters’ Guidebook

This one off booklet, fully offset printed, with card stock cover, 8.5×11 size, featured original art, short story, and “guide” to buying unicorn related gifts and toys during the Fall/Winter 1981/82 season. It had a 1,000 copy print run, but was not reprinted. It was featured in the “potpourri” section of the June 1982 issue of PLAYBOY magazine and quickly sold out.

Galaxy of Fandom

A one-off publication focsed on sci-fi movies and TV. Published in Fall 1976 it had one of the first articles about the upcoming May 1977 movie release of THE STAR WARS with photos. Technically two versions existed, titled issue #1 and #2; but #1 had some issue at printer and was disposed of; so the actual version published says issue #2 on it. There was no issue #3. Christopher Simmons published this at age 14!

The Comic Collectors’ Comic Checklist

A one off publication with offset printed cover, and mimeographed interior pages, offering an innovative way for comic collectors of “Silver Age” issues to track if they owneed an issue using simple checkmarks for each title, and issue # up until that point in time (Summer 1976).